preciseThousands of years old, Yoga is still relevant.  The world moves at a faster pace with ever more distractions.  Eastern practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong cultivate peace through awareness.  Our need for this is more pressing now than ever before.

However, what Yoga offers is often misunderstood.  The clinical view focuses on how science can now explain the physical gains, such as reduced stress through calming the central nervous system.  Even those steeped in eastern philosophy often miss the point of Yoga believing the end result is “stilling the patterning of consciousness.”

The goal of Yoga is not a blank slate, rather it is the ability to focus on one thing.  This is far more empowering than simply feeling good.  When developed, the ability to focus on one thing means we can chose what to focus on.  It means the strong emotions that come up in all of us, no longer hold sway the way they once did.

But it takes practice.  It takes repetitions.  It takes skills trainers.

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